Customers simply hover their smartphone over a product


Authentic Or Not is a Patented FashionTech technology that can make your company’s products transmit a digital experience instantly by embedding our durable microchips inside merchandise. Our microchips are invisible and does not impact the look and feel of any product. This allows anyone to hover their smartphone over merchandise to confirm product authenticity and see a customized digital experience instantly. It allows a brand to tell their story directly from a product itself. Not only can brands display product information or play a video, but can collect feedback directly from a product as well. Content can be updated by your company remotely to all the physical products around the world in real-time. We’re excited to bring the digital revolution to the real world of physical objects helping you protect your brand and connect with your customers.

Designed for the Fashion Industry, our microchips are durable for Machine Washing, the Dryer and Dry Cleaning

product authentication

Product Authentication without the need for an App or program. Protect your brand and make it simple for everyone

IoT for supply chain


Know exactly which pieces go missing and de-activate them

IoT, data mining


Collect customer information from each of your merchandise around the world. This is all done by fully respecting your customers privacy.

Truly understand each of your customers shopping behaviour


Knowing what your customers own lets your Brand market other products to customers in a relevant and targeted way.

A revolutionary way of detailed targeted marketing


Real-time analytics lets you see how your products are doing in real-time at all the retail stores around the world

Daniel Bokun

Founding Partner at Gimme 360

Authentic Or Not's innovation got people talking about our Apparel Brand and its exposure helped us reach our financial goal.

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