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Here’s the story of how Fashion and Tech will evolve into one, by killing Wearables:

Once upon a time, Tech wanted to be friends with Fashion, and Fashion said “but you ugly”. Tech then went and got a makeover, to which Fashion replied “you still ugly”. I hate to side with the Mean Girls but they’re right, let me show you what I mean:

Huge SmartWatch

Oogly wearables:

Ugly Wearable

Just look at these robots on the runway. I wasn’t there, but I’m sure they were walking like Robocop.

Robots replacing models

This one below actually looks normal, if George Lucas needs you on the next Star Wars set.

Be the next Star Trek character

Here’s my favourite…its probably coming out next year.


All this made Fashion feel that by being friends with the unattractive it would only bring down their status because truthfully Wearables are just not that wearable…in public at least. The only way this friendship would work is behind the scenes where neither are getting in each others way. Imagine if there was a way for this to happen and let Fashion do what Fashion does best and let Tech do what Tech does best.

The Birth of The Internet of Fashionable Things

Today is that day where Tech is not only completely hidden but very powerful. Introducing Authentic Or Not – microchips that are invisible in apparel and can communicate with smartphones without having to install any App or Program. Hovering a phone over a product or object unlocks unique digital content controlled by the brand. This FashionTech’s ability also includes encryption to solve the trillion dollar counterfeit problem brands face today: along with connecting brands with the owner of the garment and providing story-telling through unique digital experiences instantly from merchandise. For the first time Fashion Brands would know exactly who their customers around the world are (only when they opt-in), regardless of where the products were purchased. This big data play opens up unlimited opportunities for marketing and relevant up-selling.

IoT, FashionTech, Fashion and Technology

Authentic Or Not officially makes Internet of Fashionable Things a reality and simple for all Fashion Brands. The microchip does not need any battery source or require any charging ever. This means everyone’s privacy is respected and the microchip is only invoked when a phone is directly hovered over it.

The other reason Fashion and Tech never got along is because Tech never showers. Apparel needs to be washed and that’s one of the reasons it’s difficult to commercialize Wearables as part of everyday wear. However, Authentic Or Not microchips can withstand machine wash, dryer and dry cleaning. In other words, Tech is now clean and can shower with detergent…even bleach.

A Microchip that can be embedded into apparel
A Microchip that can be embedded into apparel

Tech innovation is so hot right now it has devoured every other industry over the past few years. More powerful and smarter than ever but knows its place around Fashion when it comes to aesthetics.

Lets end this blog with a romantic song below that makes it obvious Fashion and Tech are just meant to be.

Purpose of the song above is to emphasize the opportunities that can be created with both industries working together. Authentic Or Not’s patented technology makes it simple for any brand to digitize merchandise and provide VIP experiences that comes only with the product, all without impacting the look and feel.

We’re in touch with some of the leading fashion brands such as Chanel, LVMH, Kering, Ted Baker, Paco Rabanne, Vivienne Westwood…etc and they all have different takes on how this could be leveraged. What’s your take about Wearables shrinking and the birth of The Internet of Things for the Fashion Industry? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts below.

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